as good as it gets

映画のタイトルにもなったAs good as it gets ですが、辞書では「これ以上ない最高のもの」と訳してありますが、どうしてそうなるのかわかりません。

as 〜 as で「最高」を表すのは理解できるのですが、it がわかりません。もし「これはわたしにとって最高のものだ」を as 〜 as でいうなら It is as good as I have ever gotten. と書くべきと思います。

もしこの it を「最高のものと言っているそのもの」と理解しても、as good as it can be なら「それがなれる限りの最高のもの」 でわかるのですが、つぎの gets をどう読んだらいいか不明です。

たとえば社内文書で「これは今までにない品質です」というところを「This is as good as it gets.」と書いてしまっていいものでしょうか。


質問者: 匿名
性別: 不明
この get は「なる」の意味で捉えればよいのではないでしょうか。 直訳すると「本来良くなるのと同じ程度に良い状態だ」で, 想定している「良くなる」基準に 今ある→    それ以上良くならない→ 最高によい と解釈したらどうでしょうか。

 it については検索してみると文の主語が複数形でも as good as it gets となる例が as good as they get よりも多いことからこれは It's all over with him.  などと同じ「状況の it (situational "it")ではないかと思います。 が確信がもてないので, 社内文書で使える表現かを含め,このフレーズについて知り合いのアメリカ人に聞いてみましたのでその返事をそのまま掲載しておきます。


■ as good as it gets の意味について

"As good as it gets" doesn't mean perfect.  It means it can't get any better.  If you are talking about life it may mean perfect or close to perfect., but for a company product it would mean 'this is the best that we can do," "we can't do any better than this" or "you can't do any better than this."

It can sometimes be like giving up:

A: We need to improve our bottom line.
B: We've cut budgets in this department and that department.  We can't cut
anymore with letting some people go.
A: Well, I guess this is as good as it gets.

■ it の表すものについて

The 'it' is a reference to 'all,' 'anything,' or 'everything' which are used in the singular.  We would replace 'it' with the proper pronoun if we aretalking about something specific.


A: Johnny has been behaving really well.
B: Ya, this is a good as he gets.

"he" meaning Johnny specifically.

A: Tom and Nancy are really great friends.  I'm so happy for them.
B: Ya, they are as good as they get.

"they" meaning friends specifically.

(I would probably say, "They are as good as they come.")

A: These doughnuts are excellent.
B: I'll tell you.  I've tried a lot of doughnut shops and these are as good as they get.

"they" meaning doughnuts specifically (not including cakes, sweets, muffins or other pastries.)

■ このフレーズを社内報などで使ってよいかについて

I guess it would be okay to put in a flier or advertisement if the company is comparing their product to others.  That would mean the best product you can get is ours.  Our product is as good as it gets.

If the statement is used to say this is the best we can do, it might sound like giving up.

However, if he is using the statement to compare his product to all the other products available, it would be all right.

は貴重なアドバイスでした。やはりここは、The products will show as good
performance as we have ever offerd to our customer. としておきます。