Ex-Japanese Ship Plays An Active Role in Tristan da Cunha     

The photos below, provided by courtesy of President Toyohiro Honda from Japan United Co., Ltd.,  show MV Kelso, mother ship for lobster fishing vessels, anchored in the Port of Cape Town.  

The most striking is that the ship must have been of Japanese registry, named Tokomaru, as is shown by the trace of the name on the bow.  

The ship name  Tokomaru is the same as that of a fishery patrol vessel owned by Japan Fishery Agency.   And one of the photos below shows a table of extension as well as a telephone found in the cabin, from which we can see the distribution of the rooms.  We can see some rooms are alloted for the naval officer, the chief mate, and the fisheries inspector.

It is impressive to know that  a former Japanese ship is playing active roles in the islands on the opposite side of the earth.

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A shot from the bow
Ship name:
Japanese ship name Tokomaru is visible.
Extension which shows the distribution of the rooms.
Lobster boats
The same type of boat in this picture
A lighter
The same type of boat in this picture

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