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 〜 on the morning of the 23rd instant, at half past ten o'clock when about to anchor off the north end of the Island of Tristan d' Acunha, a sail was seen to the southward and eastward, steering to the eastward, the wind fresh from the S.S.W.

南南西の強風。 23日の朝10時半にトリスタン・ダ・クーニャ島の北端より出航しようとしたとき南ならび東方面に1隻の船影が見えた。 船は東へ向かって進行中であった。 

In a few minutes she had passed on the westward, so that we could not see her for the land.  I immediately made sail for the eastward, and shortly after getting in sight of her again, perceived her to bear up before the wind I hove to for him to come down on us.
When she had approached near, I filled the maintopsail, and continued to yaw the ship, while she continued to come down, wearing occasionally to prevent her passing under our stem

数分で船は(島を回って)西に向かって進行し,陸の影になって認識できなくなった。  即,我々は東へ向け出航,ほどなく再び敵船を目撃,風下に進路を転ずるだろうとと認め,待ち伏せして船首を風上に向けて止めた。 敵船が向かってくると我々はメーン・トップスルをいっぱいに張り,偏走しつづけた。 一方敵船は我々の船首の下を通るのを避けるため時折下手回しに進んだ。

At 1.40 p.m., being nearly within musket shot distance, she hauled her wind on the starboard tack, hoisted English colours, and fired a gun.
We immediately luffed to, hoisted our ensign, and gave the enemy a broadside.
The action being thus commenced a quick and well directed fire was kept up from this ship, the enemy gradually drifting nearer to us, when at 1.55 p.m., he bore up, apparently to run us on board .

1時40分,マスケット銃の射的内に入ったので発射すると敵船は右舷引きし風上へ針路を転じ,イギリス国旗を掲げて銃を発射。 我々は即,船首を風上に向け,艦旗を掲げ敵に一斉射撃した。 このように交戦は即時に始まり我々の艦船より逸れることなく砲撃が続き,敵船は徐々に我々の方へ向かってきた。 1時55分,敵船は風下に進路を転じ明かに我々の艦船に衝突をしようとしていた。


As soon as I perceived he would certainly fall on board, I called the boarders, so as to be ready to repel the attempt.
At the instant every officer and man repaired to the quarter-deck, where the two vessels were coming in contact, and eagerly pressed me to permit them to board the enemy but this I would not permit, as it was evident, from the commencement of the action, that our fire was greatly superior both in quickness and in effect

我々に突進してくると認め,すぐ私はこの企てに抵抗すべく乗員を招集,すばやく士官・兵士とも2隻が接触する船尾甲板に向かった。 彼らは敵に衝突する許可を与えるように私を急かしたが私は許さなかった。 交戦の初めからわかっていたが我々の砲撃は速度においても効果においても彼らより勝っていたのは明白であった。

The enemy's bowsprit came in between our main and mizzen rigging, on our starboard side, affording him an opportunity to board us, if such was his design, but no attempt was made. here was a considerable swell on, and as the sea lifted us ahead, the enemy's bowsprit carried away our mizzen shrouds, stern davits and spanker boom, and he hung upon our larboard quarter   


At this moment an officer, who was afterward recognised to be Mr. McDonald (James McDonald, senior surviving officer late of H.M. brig Penguin) (A.F.'s brackets), the first lieutenant, and the then commanding officer, called out that they had surrendered I directed the marines and musketry men to cease firing and while on the taffrail asking if they had surrendered.

このとき士官,後にマクドナルド大尉(当時は指揮官)であるとわかったが,降伏すると声をあげた。 私は兵士とマスケット銃の砲兵に射撃停止を命ずる一報,船尾から彼らに本当に降伏か尋ねた。

I received a wound in the neck.
The enemy just then got clear of us, and his foremast and bowsprit being both gone, and perceiving us wearing to give him a port broadside, he again called out he had surrendered.
It was with difficulty I could restrain my crew from firing into him again, as he had certainly fired into us after having surrendered.
From the firing of the first gun, to the last time the enemy cried out he had surrendered, was exactly 22 minutes by the watch

私は首に傷を負った。敵は我々から離れた。 敵船は前檣と船首斜檣がなくなっていたが,我々が左舷に一斉射撃をしようと下手回しにすると見えた時、敵は再び降伏すると言ってきた。  射撃を止めるように部下に伝えるのが困難だった, というのも敵は降伏した後も攻撃を緩めなかったからである。  最初の一撃から敵が降伏すると声をあげるまで手もとの時計で22分であった。