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This material is for non-native speakers of Japanese who are interested in Japanese literature and want to read a Japanese text in the original.  You can refer to an English translation.  Enjoy.
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蜜柑 Mikan (芥川龍之介)
Mandarin Oranges (Akutagawa Ryunosuke)

1. About orthography in this text
Since this short story was written in 1919, there are some kanji characters that are not included in the present joyokanji list and some okurigana orthography and "ateji" words that are out of modern usage. They are replaced with modern counterparts, considering it would not always be appropriate to use the original text as a material for non-native learners of modern Japanese who want to enlarge their vocabulary by reading a kanji and kana mixed text.

云つてゐる → 言っている   → ほとんど
    さうして→ そうして  弁へない → わきまえない

For your reference, the original text of “Mikan” is found here

2. About translation
The translation is neither literal nor literary; it’s for your reference to understand the development of the story.
The copyright is owned by the webmaster.
Any correction or comment is welcome. Contact at;

3. About audio files
Each paragraph is accompanied by an audio file the webmaster himself recorded.  

4. About the background
After graduating from the faculty of English Literature of the present Tokyo University in 1916, though he had already been admitted by Natsume Soseki as a promising writer, Akutagawa worked as a teacher of English language at Naval Engineering College in Yokosuka, a city on the Tokyo Bay, 50km southwest of Tokyo. This short story, written in 1919, was based on an experience he had when he was riding on the Yokosuka Line, which he used for commuting.

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