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Interactive Crossword Puzzles:
Updated monthly. @So easy and small-sized as to enjoy for a short break.

This game is shared with eigo21 Japanese version.  So you may have a mojibake (see Wikipedia) problem under certain circumstances.  But don't let it discourage you.  You can enjoy the game anyway.

And one more important matter:  Hit your browser's BACK BUTTON to return to this page
If you click the other buttons, you may be lost on the Net unless you understand Japanese!

Click here to get the puzzles.  But before that, please read the following instruction.

When you reach the crossword puzzle page, you will see the picture below.
(As written above, it could look different if mojibake occurs)

The puzzle page looks like this.

As you see, there are five buttons on the left side.
The function of each button is written in the table below.
The Revert button makes the puzzle revert to the state when it was last saved (usually completely blank).
The Check button will delete any letters the solver has put in the grid that are incorrect.
The Reveal Letter button shows just the currently selected letter.
The Reveal button is a cheat button to show the answer to the current clue.
The Solution button shows the entire solution.

Click here to get the puzzles.