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Welcome to eigo21 international version!
All the games in this site are interactive, created with FLASH, excluding Crossoword Puzzles, which are also interactive but are created with Crossword Compiler.

They are fun games suitable for ESL students.  In fact the original eigo21 is intended for Japanese students.  This international version is created with the same materials of eigo21 Japanese version.  So you will find some parts of the text written in Japanese.  But you don't need any knowledge of Japanese to enjoy this site.  

There are many many materials in stock to be updated.  
So come back often and check the update page.

The Fusuma Show:
See the picture and find out the words beginning with a given alphabet.
(NB) Fusuma is a kind of sliding doors found in some traditional Japanese houses.

Daily Hangman:
Updated daily. You can submit feedback to show your result.

Crossword Puzzles:
Updated monthly. @So easy and small-sized as to enjoy for a short break.

Eigo de Go! (lit. Go in English!):
Peep an English sentence darting through a gap and guess what it is.  Might be good to improve your vision for a moving object (no guarantee, though).

Seigo-kun ga iku (lit. There Goes Seigo):
Place Seigo-kun on a grammatically incorrect word and see how he reacts.
(NB) Seigo, one of the Japanese boy's names,  is a homophone of "being correct and incorrect" in Japanese.

Guess a word or a phrase by watching streaming pictures.

Mystery Square:
Put letters into blank grids to complete a small crossword square.

Click the Black:
Click the black field and find a hidden word or phrase.

Interactive Word Search Game:
You can enjoy two types of Word Search Game, and that interactively.

Wish On the Stars:
A fast-moving typing game.  Your wish will come true when you've typed seven words before time is up.

This is not an English word game but another site created by the same webmaster for those who are interested in the Japanese language.  The contents include HOW TO WRITE HIRAGANA, which may excite curiosity of language lovers.

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